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MD Policedogs

MD Policedogs is an established name in the specialised world of police dogs. We are well known for our quality dogs. Calm, reliable and fearless: these are the important characteristics of our animals and which make them extremely well suited to carrying out police tasks and maintaining public order.

Personal approach

Safety is something personal, it has a different meaning for each individual. That is why MD Policedogs likes to start by meeting its customers in person. This is essential not only in the private household market, where the safety of the home is at stake. But it is also very important on the business market that a professional can rely on the qualities of his dog, everywhere and at all times. The top animals offered by MD Policedogs are usually sold to professionals in:
  • narcotics detection
  • explosives detection
  • patrol work
  • SWAT (special weapons and tactics) units


MD Policedogs supplies to:
  • Police
  • Army
  • Customs
  • Security companys
  • Individuals